product development services & prototypes for inventors.

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product development services & prototypes for inventors.

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Our Services

  1. We develop ideas and build working prototypes
  2. Create CAD 3D models and computer simulations of your hardware product
  3. Provide engineering guidance and R&D work
  4. Manage mass production of your product

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The Team

Our team consists of engineers, designers, and developers with diverse experiences and expertise. We treat our customers’ projects as if each one is our own personal start-up. We develop new technologies and products with passion and care, and invest the best of our intellectual abilities to create great, one-of-a-kind products.

Nimo Rotem

Founder & Chief Engineer

Herman Zukov

Project Manager

Coffee Guo

Industrial Designer

Romy Haik

Business Development Manager

Oleg Zukov

Founder & CEO

Ilana Kalman

Content Manager

Marina Novak

Industrial Designer

Moshe Levi

Electronics Engineer

GizmoMaker Inventors Community

GizmoMaker is part of a community of inventors, investors, and developers spanning three continents. With locations in San Francisco, Israel, Hong Kong, and China, we connect communities of innovators from around the world. Join our annual inventors un-conference in Israel, visit our production and prototyping facility in Shenzhen, China, or simply join us for coffee in San Francisco. We aim to support the incredible community of innovators around the world.

Turn a great idea into a successful product!

Kickstart your hardware project with GizmoMaker, a contract engineering firm specializing in turning ideas and concepts into real products. Our company is made up of a small and dedicated group of engineers who love to work on hardware projects with inventors and entrepreneurs during all stages of production, from concept to mass production of the finished product. If you have an idea or new product, we want to hear from you!

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