Specializing in electronic and mechanical engineering as well as product development, Gizmomaker seamlessly blends innovative thinking and exemplary engineering with an unparalleled understanding of functional design to provide companies with working prototypes of their next big idea.

Cost-effective without sacrificing ingenuity, the prototypes created by Gizmomaker allow you to test new concepts with ease. And when you find an idea with commercial potential, Gizmomaker’s engineering team and production and assembly facility can produce the product for you, eliminating the need for multiple companies and service providers and therefore reducing your overall investment.

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Gizmomaker was founded in 2006 by The Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology graduate and mechanical engineer Nimrod Rotem. His background in mechanical engineering and design, server-side programming, thermodynamics and mechatronics, coupled with his passion for helping companies develop new products quickly and inexpensively, created the foundation on which Gizmomaker was launched.

Joined by 20-year veteran civil Oleg Zhukov, a mechanical engineer with an extensive background in product development and marketing, Gizmomaker gathered a small yet exceptionally effective team of experienced engineers, draftsmen and design personnel. Together, Gizmomaker’s team’s combined experience covers mechanical, electrical and industrial engineering as well as patent development.

At our core, we’re passionate innovators who treat each project as our own. Our goal is simple: provide companies with the creative engineering solutions they need to turn a product concept into a marketable reality with streamlined, trustworthy services that cut out the middle man and dramatically reduce the time and financial investment necessary to test and prepare new products for mass production.



Our team consists of a highly focused group of engineers, industrial designers, developers production experts. We specialize in quick and cost effective turn key solution – rapidly turning any idea or concept into a real product, ready for the consumer.


  • Nimo Rotem

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    Nimo Rotem | Founder
  • Oleg Zhokov

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    Oleg Zhokov | Manager
  • Herman Zhokov

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    Herman Zhokov | Project Manager
  • Ilana Kalman

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    Ilana Kalman | Electronics
  • Coffee Guo

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    Coffee Guo | Industrial Designer
  • Marina Novak

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    Marina Novak | Industrial Designer




Research and Initial Product DefinitionResearch and Initial Product Definition
Gizmomaker’s talented engineers take your concept and run with it, creating forward-thinking designs with the precision, logic and finesserequired to transform a concept into a marketable, financially-sound product. We start by conducting extensive research into the proposed market and the similar products already available, ensuring that the finished, finalized design is unique as well as serviceable. We use this information and work with you to create a clear definition of the product strategy and plan, outlining the requirements and goals of the concept to create a workable framework for design and development.
Forward-Thinking DesignsForward-Thinking Designs
With ample research and a clear product definition in hand, Gizmomaker’s engineers create workable, realistic sketches of the proposed product, seamlessly melding form and function to construct a product concept that clearly meets the proposed definition and scope while visually and ergonomically appealing to your customer base. With your input, we finalize these details and evaluate the practical, mechanical and electrical requirements of the product to ensure it’s not only completely functional, but user-friendly as well.
Prototype DevelopmentPrototype Development
After generating a detailed production plan for the product, Gizmomaker creates a full-scale working prototype, testing each component and the product as a whole to ensure that it’s ready for market testing. After all of the final adjustments are made, you’re presented with a user friendly prototype perfect for market testing.
Streamlined Product ProcessStreamlined Product Process
If you’re happy with the market testing conducted with the prototype developed by Gizmomaker and think the product is commercially feasible, we can also handle production for you, a process overseen by our team of engineers at our state-of-the-art production and assembly facility in China. By choosing Gizmomaker, you streamline the final stage of the process: with all of the information on hand and the designers of the prototype on board, the production process is quick, simple and infinitely more cost effective.



Gizmomaker provides professional engineering services to aid companies in the initial stages of product development. By working with us, the development of working prototypes is streamlined, minimizing the initial investment on your end and making it simple and effective to move into full-fledged product development if the prototype and market testing yield positive results.

Our in-house equipment allows us to create viable, testable solutions and parts as well as full-fledged prototypes, ensuring that each company who chooses to work with Gizmomaker can achieve their goals without additional subcontractors.

Our experienced engineers and developers provide:

We specialize in electrical and mechanical engineering, planning, designing and creating a wide range of products including, but not limited to:

Our engineers’ combined experience allows them to work in a wide range of industries and develop mechanically sound, user-friendly products that meet your specifications while exceeding your expectations.


Company offices:

1- Engineering & Development: Natanya Israel, Ein Vered: Kfar Hess Intersection.

2- Prototypes modeling and production: Shenzhen China.

M:+86 18565841020 T:+86 755 61964515



Address:深圳龙华新区三联村墩背工业区2号星宝MotiB 2楼 尼摩电动工具有限公司

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