Sensory stimulation medical device professional treatment for emotional trauma

Medical device therapy anxiety or trauma, which was developed for inventor Dr. Udi Oren. The product is designed for use by professionals in the mental health treatment of trauma and psychological problems differ, by stimulating the senses of hearing, sight and touch. The system consists of a basic part designed and ergonomic must consist arms (bearing vibration sense of touch) stripe LED (“Light Runner” Sight ).

It also features a headphone plug generating buzz for the purpose of stimulating the sense of hearing, and control (potentiometer) change “situations” or rapid stimulation of the senses. By creating stimuli by the device, the therapist can help the patient to change their state of mind and make the most professional care during the process. The innovative product designed to replace obsolete products for the treatment of trauma. Using the most advanced product allows the clinician greater flexibility on the type of sensory stimulation provided to the patient and the patient’s response suitability for improving results. Engineering development is done by the engineering team of Gizmos includes a mechanical engineer, physicist, an electronics engineer and industrial designer. Product development included in addition to the work of the development of electronics and plastics, also uniquely designed with the professional guidelines of the entrepreneur, Dr. O’Day. Today the product is being prepared for serial production. Inventor , Dr. Udi Oren, is the president of the European Association of EMDR Institute and the director of the Israel of EMDR. he teaches Natal, the Israel trauma Center for Victims of terror and war. He specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders, the psychological aspects of physical illness and PTSD. Also, is the founder and co-chairman of the EMDR – Israel.

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