Production of herbal essential oil domestic conditions, without the knowledge or previous experience

The essential oil extraction industry and the laboratory becomes physical methods such as steam distillation (Hydrodistillation), produced by cold pressure (Cold press) and extraction in organic solvents. The common method in the industry today is steam distillation method (steam distillation) based on the flow of steam through the container in which the plants are located. The steam raises the overall vapor pressure of the mixture, thus allowing oil to low temperatures also require its boiling temperature. The mixture goes from the tank and cools the depths. The oil is separated from those who condensation thanks to its low density and low solubility in water. During the process, the oil accumulated on the sites of distilled water (a few milliliters) was left in a small volume within the tube. Production process oils from medicinal plants is a very sensitive and requires a level of precision laboratory conditions: an accurate weight of the plant material, temperature, pipe diameter passing through the fat, shape beyond the others. All of these factors significantly affect the quantity and quality of the oil. The process for producing classic wild vegetable oil, the same process that was used until now, required specialist attention for making oils and great precision, because the differences between the results of accurate results of the process a little less accurate process can reach tens of percent. And when it comes to a specialist for the production of oils from medicinal plants, the differences can reach several hundred percent. *** The device offers a solution to the new device, developed by the company Gizmos engineering design office in collaboration with Libros, allows anyone to produce a quality essential oil herbal home conditions, without the knowledge or previous experience, using steam distillation. The device has been designed in such a way when you start to create accurate and consistent process that does not require attention or intervention. Ultimately produced the exact number, uniform and high-quality vegetable oil. How does this happen? The device structure is based on a modular mechanism closed. The new device user does not need to measure and precise when inserting the plants to the device, but take a capsule already contains the appropriate amount of plant matter. Sealed capsule is inserted into the beginning of the process, and begin to reach into water vapor heated to a precise temperature by the device. The hot water vapor begin to produce a liquid substance from the capsule passes through the tube diameter and length of the ideal, into the tube collects them and allows separation between those who Hidrosol (a liquid containing the scent and other properties of herbs) essential oil. The benefits of using more efficient plants require less material and less energy than those who consumed the old processes that do not make the new device: • The essential oil extraction process using a new device produced a significantly large amount of oil than the process used to this day. Increasing the amount of oil is made possible by a larger contact area with the plants, and also thanks to the optimization of the whole production process oils, and closed and modular mechanism of the device. • The new device using a system that allows to produce high quality extracts more than before, thanks to shortening the time of the refining process. The refining process shortened reduces the hydrolysis (decomposition) of substances occurring naturally • The process alias minimizes the accumulation of wax undesirable (that reduces the clarity of oil produced) obtained distillate • The mechanism described provides a distillation process use a closed system modular • The unique structure of the capsule prevents the flow the liquid back into the water tank, thereby increasing the amount of oil produced. Further reading: Http:// client: Dr. Moshe Bells

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