Patented orange juicer with no need of cleaning after use

Many choose to give up the benefits of freshly squeezed juice due to the long preparation process, and the cumbersome cleaning of the juicer and fruit peels after use. As displayed, the patented orange juicer allows for a simple and convenient juicing process without the need for cleaning the device after every use. It allows the entry of oranges into a plastic bag and all the squeezing is done inside the bag, so that at the end of the process it’s only necessary to remove the bag, leaving the machine clean and ready for immediate further use.

All that’s need to be done is just to put the smooth side of the bag down, put a cup under the machine and turn the juicer on. At the end of the juicing, you can throw the bag with the orange peels in the trash. Project status: Work is currently under development.

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