Mixing eggs

Company Egglogix aims to change the way we prepare and eat eggs. Eggxer product developed in “Gizmos Engineering”, using innovative technology that enables scramble with egg yolk protein in the eggshell. Product development began when the father tried to find a solution that his children refuse to eat the egg yolk – containing nutrients, and eat only protein.

The solution of the eggs in the husk mixer actually creates a new dish, with the cooking and reducing egg egg shell reveals a texture and golden color, both inside and out. The use of a simple mixer, allowing even children themselves perform the operation. For the purpose of mixing has put the egg into a blender, and mix until the egg becomes darker color.

By using a transparent lid allows the user to monitor the process simple. After completion of the mixing operation, it is usual to cook the egg and peel it to see the final result.

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