Mifold Seat is a revolutionary, patented safety seat that is compact (10 times smaller than a regular car seat!) and extra safe for children.

Mifold is a compact car safety seat (booster) intended especially for children aged 4-12. Unlike conventional safety chairs, which are big, bulky, heavy and taking up lots of space, Mifold is a chair that allows folding and storing in a simple and easy way, and could be kept even in small compartment backpacks and carried around. Every parent knows the frustration and waste of time attaching and detaching a car seat. Be frustrated no more! Mifold allows swift fastening and unfastening of seat belts (even a child can do that!), and it’s so compact that you can take it anywhere, without having to give up time and space when only going for a walk or having to change vehicles to place the car seats.

Although this is a small chair 10 times (!) more compact than a regular car seat, it is equally safe thanks to a revolutionary patent. The principle on which the Milfold works: instead of raising the child to fit the seat belt as does an ordinary chair, Mifold pulls the seat belt to the child and allows him/her to be strapped in safely. Because this is a very small booster, it allows even the children themselves to carry the folded seats in their backpacks, making it simple and convenient for a parent to take care of his/her children and their friends without fear. 3 Mifold seats can sit safely and comfortably in the back seat, allowing 3 children to be properly strapped to safety simultaneously. Many parents are forced to avoid traveling in taxis in light of the problems in the absence of safety seats. But the speed with which you can connect your Mifold allows traveling on public transport including safety belts to be simple, easy, and mostly importantly: very safe. And what about the car rental? Instead of paying extra for a car seat installed, you can now bring the Mifold with you wherever you go, without having to pay extra or to make the child a new chair. Mifold is easily washable and fits in even the dishwasher at home.

Why kids love it? Mifold is so easy for them to use, it’s small enough to be fitted into their backpacks, it gives maximum comfort and it allows kids to help themselves fasten their own safety belts. These user-friendly designs enable them to travel safely while feeling mature like their fellow adult passengers.

Facebook page of the product: https://www.facebook.com/mifold

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