Medical device that allows cutting and closing accurately cut, in order to reduce complications and scarring

Medical surgical device is patented and invented by the inventor Arnon Dror.
In collaboration with surgeons and specialists.

The device is designed to help surgeons during cesarean section. Making the initial cutting any surgery and Caesarean sections in particular is a critical step for the success of the procedure and its conclusion with minimal scarring.

In the current situation has not yet development has forced doctors to perform manual cutting by inserting a knife “by eye” while trying to keep a straight cutting depth uniform. Cutting non-straight or cutting depth is not correct, could cause several complications during Hnitoc and a large scar and striking. The patent on the surgeon cutting is the ability to determine in advance the precise cutting depth by turning the switch still on the machine. Pursuant to this decision, the mounting device to the one-time cutting knife to the desired depth. After determining the depth of cutting required and length, pinning analyzing instrument abdomen and performs a simple click on the switch the release of the knife by the coiled wire and making a cut. In addition, flagging auto cutter points on the patient’s skin in preparation for making sewing, thus allowing to close the surgical incision accurately and faster .

Gizmos engineers have developed a number of variants in three different rounds of development, with emphasis on the accuracy of the instrument, using materials approved for use in surgery, reliability and ease of use of the tool by physicians. First prototypes were built using three-dimensional printing technology and have been tested at our office on leather strips and pieces meat. Then built prototypes using better quality machining and plastic molding, and experiments were carried out by specialists in the lab to get the necessary approvals. The product is currently in production of the first series.

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