Matching custom orthopedic insole

This project is an internal project of Gizmos-maker company became a separate startup. The idea behind the project is enabling customers to order customized orthopedic insole (such as custom insoles orthopedic gypsum). Client download a simple application that enables smartphone to perform three-dimensional modeling of the foot. The user shoots 3 images of the foot when the foot is placed on standard white A4 page, and the software uses image recognition technology to make the image a three-dimensional model contains the geometric information of the foot. The geometric information sent to the manufacturing plant in northern Israel, where he operated a three-dimensional printing machine that produces an exact copy of the customer’s foot plastic. The displacement of the foot used as a template for the production of customized orthopedic insole for a specific customer. Using this technology, customers can order an insole Orthopedic minimal cost of only approximately 10% of the cost of the insole with an orthopedist or Darsena specialist, and everything is done at home and without having to make an appointment and get to the clinic specialist. Product turned into a separate company and start-ups raised initial investment a leading venture capital fund in Israel.

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