“Leapfrog” whose role is to facilitate access to the operation and maintaining good visibility of the operating site

Millions of people worldwide now suffer from chronic pain in the back, and the United States alone are performed annually hundred thousand surgeries in the spine. In light of this, and following numerous studies showing that the surgery tiny spinal cord can reduce pain and prevent damage in the long run, is the medical industry’s operations tiny spinal development and growth. process spine surgery requires various utilities, as one of the most important among them is the “leapfrog” whose role is to facilitate access to the operation and maintenance of better visibility of the surgery site. Hmfskim the market today provide a solution for easy access to the surgery, but their use can cause significant damage to the tissues back. the company “Gizmos Engineering” is responsible for the development of the retractor unique spine; innovative product, one-time costs of production are low, which aims to reduce the damage to the tissue during surgery. the device allows the ability to adherence scale of microns, which helps form cuts and minimal access surgery is not traumatic to tissue. As a result, when healing and reduced pain level guaranteed quick return to normal life.

Other benefits range device: the unique structure and flexibility, allowing to minimize interference when access to the analysis and reach angles and different depths during the operation; It contains built-in lighting intended to illuminate the surgical area and a digital video camera, which provides a visual simulation and high level of patient area; In addition, its integrated special materials that allow the passage of X-ray waves. For further information: Http://microdel.co.il/hosting/microdel.co.il/meni-med/

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