Ice cooler Smart drugs and vaccines

Cooler glaciers wisdom drugs developed by Nimrod Rotem for Clalit. Vaccines and medicines needed for storage at a constant temperature of between 2 and 8 degrees, but because ordinary cooler can not regulate the temperature actively, can not be shipped to these medical products and a cooler having a cooler unique. cooler wisdom maintains a uniform temperature over time, shift the vaccines according to the standards required and allows transport of vaccines and medicines to all parts of the country. cooler contains two compartments, one for drugs and other glaciers. the two cells are connected by an air hose with a small blower that pumping air from the glaciers into the cell drugs in accordance with the desired temperature. This way they can use ice coolers cheap without active cooling and chilled without a truck. The coolers were built using Arduino-type controls, a temperature sensor, a GPS module and other components developed “from scratch” for the project. Product has a pilot by the company “General Engineering”, the engineering arm of Clalit.

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