Ice blocks allowing easy pouring

Blocker is the invention of a young Israeli company, technology and design developed by Gizmo Engineering Company. The unique product is designed for use at events, and aim to make the experience of pouring water from a pitcher Part of “more by preventing a situation in which when drinking glass fills additives lenders drink from the jug (ice cubes, mint, lemon, etc.).

Knesset facility into a smooth mixture pitcher allows no interference, so that all components remain pitcher. The product is made of plastic material and a food standard, is designed for disposable and recyclable. Comes in a variety of colors, and a light and modern design, suitable for different types of Krafim both in terms of design and in terms of structure. In addition, the unique structure of the facility allows for the incorporation of the company logo or business card that can be used in a variety of social events or corporate events.

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