Filter “ready for pasting” without dealing with unnecessary packaging papers and without prejudice sterility prior to infection

Easy-Plast – patented entrepreneur Udi Ratner, Kobe and other partners. Product brings a refreshing change compared to the market over a billion dollars a year which has not changed much over more than 20 years – Market sterile adhesive bandages to treat wounds. The patent was developed by Nimrod commandments Gizmos and managed to drag an investment as part of the momentum of the Chief Scientist. The goal of the product is to allow home users to retrieve Pelter “ready for pasting” without tinkering unnecessary papers and packaging and without prejudice sterile bandage before infection to the wound. Packing create a special manual pull bandage out of the box and download the protective paper from the adhesive using only one hand and simple retrieval movement. Plaster out of the box ready for pasting on cardboard tray easy. Gizmos The project led to the recruitment processes and negotiations with the company johnson & johnson giant American.

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