Device Center take all necessary measures to release muscles cramped legs

Muscle spasm is a common phenomenon that can occur as a result of intense physical activity or prolonged, or for other reasons, among them medical. The phenomenon can last a short time, or to accompany the person for a long time. Professional athletes engaged in prolonged intense sports and various relaxation techniques helped allow to soften the muscles tightened following the effort, including techniques for “nagging” body. H”ndndh device “, which opens B”gizmo Engineering” coordinates all the actions required the release tight muscles in the legs. When using the user lies on his back with legs attached to the swing, and it moves the legs in different traffic patterns. The user can choose the frequency of vibration patterns according to their needs. The device enables connection to a body part or two parallel (one leg or two legs, one arm or both arms). For further information: Http:// customers: Wave Zilka, Eliran Yigal.

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