Development of a scale model aircraft with a complete mechanism

This project was carried out in collaboration with the trend of the School of Physics Shapiro, aeronautics department of Tel Aviv University, a UAV Blue Bird and Gizmos-maker company. The project we tested a theoretical model of the mechanism for creating “Magnus effect” by implanting cylinders and electric motors in a wing of an existing micro-UAV. the UAV is selected micro-Bee drone of Blue Bird Corporation. the aim is to create a mechanism You relaxed effect at higher lift lower flight and avoid stall at low speed and high angle of flight. the mechanism can used to reduce the speed above target interest while maintaining lift enough, or reducing the speed of the flight before landing and preventing damage to the air vehicle. the project was developed scale model of the aircraft with the entire mechanism, and conducted experiments in a wind tunnel which helped the team reach interesting conclusions with similitude and extrapolated reporter “in full size.

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