A triangular prism within a transparent cylinder

A sign is replaced by a third party and movement interesting and appealing to the eye. The unique product developed by Oleg Zhukov, an engineer and partner in “Gizmos engineering.” Prism-shaped product made triple within a transparent cylinder. Each side of the prism is divided into two sides, with each side is one advertising sign. Three sides of the prism containing a total ” about six signs advertising. Display advertising signs on the product is accompanied by two rotational motions: one’s whole product (prism), and the second occurs in each of the sides of the prism. Each side of the prism is divided into 3 parts running around 180 degrees and present whenever one of two advertising signs on the side. Double rotational movement of the product creates an unusual effect and striking, very eye-catching. The product was a great success, and is sold in many countries, especially in Eastern Europe and the USA.

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