A device that helps raking the water areas of fluid buildup and dust

Mobile auxiliary device for cleaning floors. The device helps the process of cleaning the floors by helping shoveling water in areas where the floor is not smooth, causing fluid accumulation, dust and dirt in those places. You can use the device in areas between rooms, entering and leaving the room, the room balcony crossings or places where the tracks of the sliding window or door opens through sliding sideways. Simple and easy to use device, and it contributes to cleaning very short time and the results.

The product is a white invention of miracles. Product development value relatively short time and the development process included initial concept modeling, prototyping and testing while performing mop up the floor for our office. Gizmos offices were spotless during product testing.

Today the product is marketed in several countries directly online and through large retail chains. The patent received significant exposure in the press and praise for creativity and problem finding a simple solution to an annoying daily.

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